Heavy machinery manufacturers serve a global marketplace. Providing accurate, easy-to-understand sales and support documentation in multiple languages is a requirement.

Link Translation has created a strict localization process to guarantee translation accuracy for the manufacturing industry. Besides the usual three-step process that includes translation, editing, and proofreading, we also send questions and terminology approval to subject matter experts.

Our specialized linguists have a solid background and experience in the following machinery manufacturing domains:

Agriculture | Heating | Construction | Air-Conditioning | Mining Machinery | Refrigeration | Power Tools | Industrial Machinery | Hand Tools | Commercial and Service | Metalworking Machinery | Power Transmission | Ventilation | General Purpose



Link Translation provides cost-effective and customized smart technology solutions, at no cost, that allow you to manage your heavy machinery translation projects in a fraction of the time.




With the latest translation technology, we can efficiently handle your large projects in multiple languages simultaneously, within your deadlines.




Automated solutions such as Translation Memory and Terminology Server streamline translation, ensuring terminological consistency and reducing costs and time spent.

Our methodology delivers consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information, including:

Documents | Worksheets | Fact Sheets | HR Manuals | Installation Manuals | Policy Manuals | Labeling | CAD Drawings | Marketing Material | Work Processes | Product Registration Forms | Service Agreements | Training Materials | Patents | User Manuals | Business Contracts | Service Manuals | E-Learning Modules | Regulatory Forms | Precision Instruments | Quick Reference Guides | Employee Tests | Ventilation | Warranty Documentation