Desktop Publishing


Our multilingual desktop publishing team works in all major software for Mac and PC, including the full Adobe suite and QuarkXPress. It means your finished document will be translated and presented perfectly for your target audience. At Link Translation our desktop publishing specialists work hand-in-hand with native-speaking proofreaders to ensure that meaning is not compromised when adjustments are made to accommodate formatting variations that occur in different languages and character sets. Every formatted document is proofed by a language-specific proofreader to ensure that all standards of quality have been met.

Our DTP services include:

Post–DTP QA checks (content check) | Working with markup languages such as HTML, SGML, XML as well as online documentation formats such as Acrobat PDF and various others | Font management applications | Knowledge of various printer drivers and professional PostScript printers | Formatting and page layout | Creating and editing graphics and screen shots (generic graphics, screen captures, illustrations and diagrams) | Converting/generating output of translated material in multiple formats (creating PostScript files and PDF files)

Quality Desktop Publishing Service

We’ll work with you to expand or reduce text while ensuring images and symbols are appropriate within each region. We’ll maintain your documents’ original look and feel while ensuring content, images and colors are culturally-appropriate. You’ll have access to a local language expert, who can offer guidance on images, symbols, content and layout.

We work on a variety of operating systems, and employ state-of-the-art multilingual graphics and publishing software, including:

Adobe Creative Suite | FrameMaker | PaintShopPro | Articulate | FreeHand | Photoshop | AutoCAD | GoLive | PowerPoint | Captivate | Illustrator | Presenter | Dreamweaver | Interleaf | Publisher | Fireworks | Lectora | QuarkXpress | Flash | PageMaker | CorelDraw | InDesign