We use cloud technologies and smart automated processes to deliver new and converted subtitles faster, saving you time and money. Our streamlined workflow increase productivity and deliver projects sooner. Subtitles engage foreign audiences directly to the original production, so it’s important that context isn’t lost. At Link Translation, we take everything from readability to time on the screen into account when working on your subtitle translation project. Our network of professional linguists are not just expertly skilled in subtitles, but also in capturing the same style and humour of the original content.

Translation Process and Quality

Subtitles are always done by professional linguists that accurately capture the cultural nuances of your video content. Linguists have area-specific expertise across a wide range of topics, including marketing, technology, healthcare, finance, government and education. Our subtitles are not word for word or literal – they read as if they were written in the target language, and are translated in context against the actual video.

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