Quality Management

Quality Management

Link Translation offers a range of functions to help you manage quality, check consistency and ensure the use of the correct terminology.

Linguistic QA

Many translation companies who put a lot of work into managing quality have difficulties demonstrating this added-value to their customers. The linguistic QA functionality makes it easy to use an existing quality model, such as the LISA QA model, SAE J2450 or TAUS DQF error typology, or create your own. Once we have done this, the linguistic QA model can be shared among our project management team and all projects can be tested against it.

Reviewers can categorize errors and we can provide both aggregated and itemized reports about error types to our proofreaders. Further, we can connect automated quality assurance checks to LQA error categories, thus making review even easier. This provides an effective way of managing quality and showing our customers what we are doing, and even how we are doing it.

Terminology Management

Our server’s built-in terminology module is very simple to use and set up, and is completely sufficient if our client don’t have sophisticated terminology workflows – it even supports moderated terminology, which means that any translator can add terms, but the terminologist or the reviewer needs to approve terms in order for them to become final. Our terminology system can manage the terminology for organizations of any size. It is integrated seamlessly with our CAT tools and servers. Provided the translator or reviewer has appropriate rights, they can add or edit terms during the translation.

Terminology entries can be customized, terms linked with each other and discussed, and all changes to the term base are audited, so a change history can be accessed at any time. No matter which terminology module you are using, we can import glossaries and term bases from Microsoft Excel, CSV, TBX or MultiTerm XML formats, and check if terms have been used correctly. Term bases also speed up your work as matches are automatically suggested and quickly inserted. Our server is also integrated with external terminology tools such as TaaS, supporting term extraction out of the box. Our term recognition works well also with morphologically complex languages.

Translation Consistency

The bigger the project, the harder it is to ensure consistency, especially when several translators are working on it at once. Terminology and recurring phrases must be applied consistently. Our software helps you achieve this: we can import, use and quickly build our own term bases and glossaries.

We can also indicate if a term is forbidden in the target language and our software will check all occurrences, and we can immediately see term candidates through the amazing automatic concordance and term extraction features. Find and replace can also be used on multiple files at the same time. All of these are available in a collaborative setting.

The search tool can be used to quickly find particular expressions in the translation memory – and we can even highlight the suggested translation.