Translation Management

Translation Management

Professional Translation Management Software for Enterprises of Any Size

Thanks to a closed supply chain and numerous automation features, Link Translation supports information security in translation processes, while ensuring maximum translation quality and text consistency.


Our system can substantially reduce the overhead caused by complex tasks in the translation process. Regardless of the source text format, all parties involved work on a central platform. Thus, editors and translators can access the same consistent data, and customers can assign projects and track the work progress in a transparent manner. If necessary, the project management can take place via the web. For this, individual team members do not need their own system installations, but can work on the respective Language Server using their browsers.

Quality Management

Our system offers functions that help our translators to avoid inconsistencies, e.g. by checking the text length, spelling, or completeness during the translation. Additionally, standard-compliant release steps can be defined for maximum translation quality. Proofreading translations in the target country is an important but laborious quality assurance measure. The collaboration between the translation coordinator and the reviewer is vital for a smooth procedure. Our reviewers are product specialist.

Our system offers also tools for seamless, transparent implementation of location-independent review processes. Under consideration of their (linguistic) competence, the persons involved can be granted individual commenting or editing rights. The uniform review process reduces correction times and helps translators to avoid similar mistakes in the future. We ensure that your translated content not only meets the quality requirements set out by industry standards, such as J2450 and LISA QA, but also your own standards, measuring the quality of your translated content with our linguistic quality assurance solution.

Project Management

You need your projects to run smoothly, efficiently and on-budget. Link Translation automatically ensures that translators have access to all the resources they need, as and when they need them. The project can be completed faster and with consistent quality throughout, as the reviser can start working on the document while the translator is still working – even using collaborative tools and comment functions to provide live feedback. Our project managers also have direct control over who is doing what and can see up-to-date project status information. Every action taken by project managers, translators and reviewers is automatically recorded for easy reference in the project history. Automatic, customizable e-mail notifications help coordinate the project. We can easily divide projects and documents between translators, allow translators and reviewers to take documents for themselves or work on them in a crowdsourced mode, while being able to collaborate effectively with other translation companies or translators using other tools. All project communication is recorded and processed within our server.

In the Project Management Cockpit, enhanced functions for power users and customizable queries facilitate translation management. The translation module provides diverse options for querying translation and project management-relevant indicators. If necessary, these indicators can be presented as dashlets to Translators and Proofreaders. For example, our linguistics can have their unfinished tasks or upcoming deadlines displayed in the dashboard, together with the implementation of direct links to software functions, websites, file folders, or programs in the form of dashlets.