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Easy Project Handling Through Structured Translation Processes

Language service providers are well aware of the high administrative overhead associated with translation projects. The choice of a suitable translator, coordination with team members and customers by e-mail, or the management of correction processes cost your project managers a lot of time. Through the automation of recurring work steps, the collaboration in a shared work environment, and the possibility to connect directly to third-party systems, Link Translation can assist LSPs in streamlining the translation processes.


Link Translation provides training and practical experience on industry-standard Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to translators and proofreaders.

The training program is tailored to our client´s individual needs and working environment and is run by our network of experienced trainers and practitioners. The main aim of our training process is to provide linguists with the technical skills necessary to use your preferred CAT tool, along with the skills necessary to adapt to other CAT tools when required. Our training focuses on selected features of CAT tools and introduces our linguists to theoretical aspects with downloadable tutorials and presentations. Our Support Team guides our linguists through features that are relevant for your specific needs and we make sure our team is always up-to-date with frequent feature and technical enhancement updates.